The TR-3650 was introduced for the Mustang 4.6 modular motor in 2001. Incorporating the best features of its predecessor the torque capacity was elevate to 360 1b. ft. by increasing the size of the capacity (85 mm centre distance) and creating an all-new aluminum case.

The TR-3650 also includes a synchronised reverse gear and a more robust multi-rail internal shift-rail system. The shift forks have been re-designed to minimise shift fork deflection resulting in a clean crisp shift feel. The TR-3650 utilises an integrated clutch housing Iimiting its use to the 4.6 modular engine. Only available through Ford.


Built to 0EM standards, the all-new line of TKO 5-speed overdrive transmissions are the most versatile transmissions ever introduced. With eight different shifter Iocations available, you will be able to install the shifter in the Original stock console location.

Adding to its versatility, are dual electronic and mechanical speedometer pick-ups, three unique cross member mounting configurations, three available input shafts, a neutral safety switch and a back-up Iight sensor.

Now standard with an internal three-rail shifting system and a short-throw billet aluminum shifter you'll never miss a shift. The TK0 is a proven winner at the drag strip and on road courses. With an optional overdrive ratio of .64, it's also ideal for street use. This one transmission does it all!

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Tremec Transmissions - known for reliability and quality.

This lightweight, highly versatile transmission has been installed as original equipment in many vehicles over the years. The T-5 is used in pick-up trucks, sport utility vehicles, and compact passenger vehicles.

The T-5 was offered as standard equipment behind the popular 5.0 Mustang and is still used in V-6 Mustang applications today. The transmission uses an aluminum case and aluminum shift forks with an internal single-rail shift system.

The Iightweight 5-speed overdrive design makes this transmission ideal for those less demanding applications (max. torque capacity 300 1b. ft.). The T-5 excels when weight ant available installation space are at a premium. All forward gears are fully synchronised using carbon-fibre type synchroniser materials to make silky smooth shifts. Tapered roller bearings are used to minimise noise and improve efficiency.


Originally introduced on the Dodge Viper in 1992, the T-56 is the transmission of choice for today's high-performance sports cars. Designed to tame Vipers and Cobras, the T-56 was tough enough to win The 24 Hours of LeMan. the T-56 is also available in many different aftermarket configurations. Options include integrated clutch housings to fit Ford, GM, and Chrysler applications, or an adapter plate design that will allow the transmission to be bolted directly to your existing bell housing.

This fully synchronised 6-speed transmission features a double overdrive design maximising performance, while minimising fuel consumption. Some models feature double and triple cone synchroniser designs
providing clean, crisp shifts for high-performance driving.

This transmission can handle the torque of today's most powerful engines making it ideally suited for road racing or for street performance enthusiasts.